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art and environment - introduction

Making the building a work of art

“I love this building to bits. The first time I came here I cried. The patients loved the old hospital because it had a lot of character, but you can feel the atmosphere here starting to grow already.”

Sandra Smith, Ward Sister

Healing is not only about remedies and cures; it’s also about stimulating the mind, body and the senses so that patients can better heal themselves. Since Glasgow Homoeopathic Hospital seeks to meet the physical, psychological and emotional needs of the patients and staff, it was always the intention that artists should be involved in developing the overall healing vision.


Lead Artist

From early in the project, the Project Director, Dr David Reilly had determined there was a need for a Lead Artist who could collaborate with the Design Team to enhance the healing environment. To help him in this process Dr David Reilly sought out Elizabeth McFall of Healthcare Arts in Dundee to orchestrate the selection procedure. She showed the Design Team a selection of artists work and from his responses set up a shortlist of around 50 artist's work. A judging panel was then set up with David Reilly, Macmon Architects, Anne Harkness and Jimmy Cosgrove of the Glasgow School of Art.

From the hundreds of images presented to them over a day, a further shortlist was compiled and the chosen artists presented their visions for the hospital in a series of interviews in the inspirational environment of the Mackintosh Boardroom. Jane Kelly stood out from the moment she entered carrying a heavy load of bricks, tiles, leaves and many other materials from which she proceeded to construct a mosaic of possible ingredients and relationships. Her ability to move across media, to be at ease both indoors and outdoors, to work with fine arts, or décor and finishes, coupled with her capacity to actively listen to people's needs and hopes and back their vision, made her an enormous asset to the team.

“The lead artist applied her creativity to helping us choose everything from wall paint colour to furniture and fittings. Much later she would also guide the process of commissioning pieces of ‘art’ in the traditional sense.”

Dr David Reilly

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“Healing is a natural process, the task of the healer is to facilitate the process.”

Dr David Reilly




Glasgow Homoeopathic Hospital, Part of Gartnavel General Hospital site, 1053 Great Western Road, Glasgow G12 0XQ. Hospital switchboard: +44 (0) 141 211 1600