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building - the future

A building sensitive to the direction of light and the seasons

The current building represents phase one of the project to replace the old 15 bed hospital from the 1930s. The only wholly new feature within the new hospital is a 40-seater seminar room.

A Phase Two is being considered, if the necessary funds can be raised, which will incorporate a range of new facilities, including:

- a water therapy area
- an academic area, for conferences, research and teaching
- a multi-use space for therapeutic arts such as dance and music
- a café-bistro and a retail pharmacy

The aim is to create a ‘wellness’ centre that breaks down the traditional barriers between the hospital and the outside world and the artificial divisions within medicine. Here people could come in the evening and have water therapy, massage and aromatherapy and enjoy great food in the café-bistro.

The Design Team at GHH are also very keen to consult and advise on best practice to improve the quality of health care provision in Scotland and the UK. Their experience at GHH has shown that a modern hospital does not need to be a cold, threatening environment, but can be designed with the comfort of the patient uppermost in the mind – without any additional cost per square metre over a standard NHS hospital. Add to this the incalculable benefits to the patients in terms of improved health and well-being, and GHH believe they can offer overwhelming arguments for change.

This desire seems to already bearing fruit with the local NHS Trust adopting GHH as the new standard for future NHS building design in the area.

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“The question of the effective therapeutic relationship is very important in all this. If there is a healing, constructive relationship between doctor and patient, the together we can go forward and look for answers.”

Dr David Reilly, Director



Glasgow Homoeopathic Hospital, Part of Gartnavel General Hospital site, 1053 Great Western Road, Glasgow G12 0XQ. Hospital switchboard: +44 (0) 141 211 1600