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garden - introduction

A garden at the heart of the healing process

”One evening, when, as often happens I couldn't sleep I stepped out into the garden, and into another world. The paths were ribbons of earth captured moonlight...”

Hospital Patient.

A garden has always been at the heart of the vision for the new Homoeopathic Hospital's healing process. It has been shown time and again through independent research that a person’s awareness of changing light and proximity to the natural world has a remarkable effect on their sense of well-being and recuperative ability. At Glasgow Homoeopathic Hospital we have therefore designed the building so that every patient has direct access to the garden from their room via a wooden deck.

Here, the landscaped garden forms the focal point of the hospital; an inviting outdoor extension to the indoor healing environment. The garden affords a different view from every window and suffuses the hospital with reflected natural light.

“The department is a pleasant place to be. Working here reduces my old feelings of my work being entirely separated from the rest of my life.”

Stephanie Wilson, Physiotherapy Dept

The garden itself was designed and built by Jane Kelly and a small, highly skilled team of builders. It comprises a series of sculpted earth mounds and beds that brim with rare flowers, wild grasses, trees and shrubs. Wide stone paths lead through the inner garden towards the perimeter path. Beyond this are the grassy mounds that now provide a home to a family of foxes.

The landscaped garden is protected by a 25m long living wall of willow, curved raised beds built of blue glazed brick and, of course, seating. To find out more about how the garden was conceived and constructed, follow the navigation links on the left or top of this page.



Glasgow Homoeopathic Hospital, Part of Gartnavel General Hospital site, 1053 Great Western Road, Glasgow G12 0XQ. Hospital switchboard: +44 (0) 141 211 1600